Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cookie Hair

I heart Cookie Magazine

Check out the story on cool haircuts for kids.

My favorite is this little guy
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The Menace:
A spiky, mildly mischievous style for straight and slightly coarse hair
The Rules:
On the playground, hair roughed up with a glob of gel is visual code for cool. For best results, have him rub no more than a quarter-size dollop of gel between the palms of his hands and apply to damp hair from roots to ends. To get this thatched look at the salon, ask your stylist or barber to scissor in texture, and steer clear of blunt ends.
The Tools:
Lightweight, kid-friendly hair gels can be combed or brushed out in a flash. Try Propoline KIDS Fun Hair Gel, $11,

I have 2 Christmas wishes people
#1 that H gets more hair soon
#2 that H gets better hair than his parents thin mops

C'mon Santa!

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