Monday, November 20, 2006

H's First Birthday

H turned 10 months last week
Which means I have 2 months to get it together an plan birthdaypalooza 2007.
We were going to keep it tight but now the guest list is about 40 people.
We are doing a Sunday brunch with lots of champagne (this is a celebration that HipMamma and HipDaddy kept the Doodle alive and thriving for the first year!)

Working on invitations and color scheme now.
Thinking Red and Turquoise for our colors.

Someone from American Crafts visited HipKidArt and so I checked them out.
Woo-hoo people - get over there.
I am not a scrapbooker but fell in love with their designs.
(wouldn't some of it look super on canvas?!)

I am going to try to make party hats from some of their paper for the children.
Kind of like this
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but with printed ribbon ties.

Stay tuned for more of the party planning...I have 2 more months to stress about this, right?!

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