Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nursing Bra Helldom

When I first gave birth I had no idea how big I would be when my milk came in so I held off buying a nursing bra. Then a week after H. was born I was desperate. I ran to our local maternity store only to learn the between my last visit for maternity clothes and giving birth - they had closed. So I started to look online. I needed to be able to return anything I didn't like.

That was the moment I fell in love with figleaves.com

I bought 3 bras and kept them all.

First, every Mamma needs a very basic everyday bra.
I love Bravado. It is cotton, comfortable to sleep in ( I have worn a bra 24/7 since my 10th week of pregnancy...) and cleans well.
Basic nursing bra

Next - I own 2 Elle Macpherson (yes, as in the model Elle...) nursing bras.
I HATE underwire when nursing though I used to love them.
These are both super bras.

This Maternelle non-underwire drop cup bra

Is a great bra. Purple may seem a srange color but it works under a white shirt or a dark shirt equally as well. I live in this bra.

I also wanted something a little sexier (but boy...sexy and nursing don't really work together) and so I bought this La Mere maternity bra

And it does the trick. It isn't quite as comfy, probably due to lace vs. cotton or nylon but it is gorgeous.

So there you have it.
Great picks for the nursing Mamma.
I lived with these 3 bras for 8 months.
And while they are starting to look a bit ratty, I still love them!

Did I mention that figleaves has FREE RETURNS!!

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