Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thinking Outside the Jar

I have seen quite a few organic fresh baby food companies pop up in the past year.
Who doesn't want to feed their baby the healthiest food out there?

Bohemian Baby
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offers basics for the littlest ones and blends for bigger babies. Flavors like pear pomegranate or apple butternut squash will have even the p[ickiest baby making his baby sign for "more."

Happy Baby Food
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has basics like pears and sweet potatoes but also random flavors like Mama Grain which is bananas, black beans and quinoa!

But what I like most about them is that they support
Project Peanut Butter
which feeds undernourished babies in Malawi.

If, by chance, you are looking to give a little this time of the year
a small donation of just $10 would help them alot.

I will if you will....?

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