Friday, December 08, 2006

Dollar Store Boredom

When we go to the mall, you know the ugly cheap mall, the one with the Spencer's Gifts and Forever 21, we like to hit the Dollar Store.

I am sure you have been to a dollar store so stop snickering...

Did you ever think that this store should be called the "Mecca of all things that only cost 100 pennies that might entertain my toddler for 10 minutes so I can...(insert dream here...take a shower, make a phone call, poop in peace...)

Things like a wide tooth comb, a plastic soap dish, a tooth brush, a pet toy, a fly swatter...

Who is snickering now...Miss Can't wait to hightail it to the hundred penny store...uh huh...right.

Get your tushie to the dollar store, spend a few and stock up for those precious moments.

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