Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Plot Your Tot

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Plot-a-Tot is a fun and interactive way of recording baby’s first year, and is a must-have for every nursery. It is in the form of a 12.6" x 59" wall chart designed to be fixed to the wall or door in the baby’s nursery. This attractive chart comes in three (the Space theme is not yet available in the US) different designs: Under the Sea, Fairytale and On the Farm. Each step of the baby’s development is recorded using specially designed stickers, picturing precise moments worth remembering. Whether it’s plotting important weight monitoring, immunisation or medication, to baby’s first smile or mummy and daddy’s first peaceful night’s sleep, the easy-to-use stickers are affixed to the relevant date. This calendar also features an essential growth chart to a height of 4ft, and areas dedicated for favorite photographs taken along the way. Each Plot-a-Tot is packaged with a set of stickers in an eye-catching, high quality laminated box.

from our favorite SPARKABILITY

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