Monday, March 12, 2007

Favorite toys for early toddlers?

I am finding myself bored with Henry's toys.
Longing to promote creativity I am doing two things today.

1. I am buying these blocks from Melissa&Doug
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Cardboard, 40 of them...I think that is enough to build a small fort, castle, zoo etc. He is only 14 months old, too young to play alone with these but I think they will last a long while.

2. Last summer we bought a UV tent similar to this one
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I think I am going to set it up in the family room and see if he wants to play in it. Seems like it could be fun.

We had a pediatrician appointment last week and she said "No TV for Henry" and he loves his movies. I am glad it is getting warmer outside which makes it easier to entertain him but sometimes I feel like I run out of ideas.

What do you (or would you) do with a 14th month old to keep him engaged and entertained? Please post comments!

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AprilDawn said...

14 months old is a fun time... to keep my girl busy I did all kinds of things.
-make a kids song cd to play, I would put it on while I did dishes, and give her pots, pans and a wooden spoon to play with. sometimes a bowl with some bubbles and a spoon.
- blocks, you stack them, she knocks em down.
- finger paint. I know its early, but I gave her non-toxix paint and stayed right there, put her in her high chair so it was easy to clean up.
- lots and lots of dancing and singing and rhyming. even if I did it for her.
- hmmmm crayons, teach early to colour, I didn't have much problem with her eating them because I stayed right there.

have fun!