Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Days Ago - cool new product

If you are a sleep deprived mom you'll appreciate this one.
Days Ago makes these digital countdown timers you can use on formula bottles, breastmilk bags, baby food jars etc to tell you how long things have been opened for.
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The DaysAgo Digital Day Counter is the first and only digital day counter that attaches to a variety of surfaces with a magnetic or suction backing and counts up to 99 days. It's a simple gadget that is re-usable, versatile and helps save money. You can use it on food containers to let you know how many days ago you opened it, closed it, tried it, sauced it, grew it, etc. As for leftovers, it eliminates the doubt about when to throw it out.

The are 2 for $10 and you can buy them HERE!

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