Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cars, Carseats and Babies...OH MY!

So we have 2 babies and might someday have a third (dare I even write that??)
Our Ford Explorer is barely fitting my toddler when my husband is driving.
We are considering a mini-van (I never thought I would write those words) but would love an alternative. Driving one of those massive SUV's is really not my style but then again neither is the minivan.

I found this site CARSEATDATA.ORG

Helps you to answer questions like what is the narrowest booster seat? Which seat has the highest top harness slots? which one has the tallest seat back? The answers to these questions help you figure out:

Which seats will fit, side by side, 3 across?
What is the best harnessed seat for a child with a long torso?
Which high back booster will last the longest for a tall child?

Check out their Forums to discuss what has worked for you or what you are looking for!

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