Friday, June 06, 2008

YOGI POOFS -the best child play pillows around.

Have you heard about the YOGIPOOF??

I called their company looking for information on this super groovy HUGE bean bag and wound up with one. Let me tell kids adore it.

We got one in turqoise and it is about as long as I am!

My kids think it is an airplane which they straddle and ride. My 2.5 year old winds up and sprints full force into it inthe mornings when he has energy to burn. 3 or 4 kids have crashed comfortably on it for movie time when the adults are socializing at cocktail hour.

It also makes for a great spot to nurse my infant when the toddler wants to snuggle up next to us.


They also make a special nursing pillow that makes this job all the more easy and is better than a boppy because it is bigger and multi-functional.

The cover comes off for an easy wash and the beads can even be replaced as they compress over time. We have had ours a month and I think it gets better over time...softer and squishier.

Yogipoof is a small company out of California...poised for the big time.
Check them out at for pricing and availability.

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