Thursday, March 29, 2007

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Being a new mom means being so tired that you can barely remember your husband's name much less how long it is has been since you have fed the baby.

Check out this cool product: The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

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Full Review From Baby Gizmo: Hormone-induced "mom brain" is bad enough by itself, by add a lack of sleep so severe you start hallucinating, and it can be darn right crippling. Why would you ever give a helpless newborn whose life completely depends on that same mom to her at this very time? And yet, that is our lot.

Thankfully, we’ve found some help in the form of the new parent-invented ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer. We might not remember our name, but we can now easily tell you when our baby fed last, on which breast and how long “it’s been” since their last diaper change.

The ITZBEEN timer is really four timers in one. Buttons featuring a diaper (for changes), a bottle (for feeding), some zzz’s (for sleeping or wakefulness) and an asterisk (for anything you wish to time) will start the count on one of four different timers independently. Want to time your baby’s nap so they don’t oversleep and ruin your evening later? Simply push the zzz’s button, the timer will start counting the minutes, and you’re set. You can even set an alarm for each button to alert you at a set amount of time later – an hour, 3 hours, etc. -- reminding you to wake, feed or check baby’s diaper.

The ITZBEEN is comes with a clock, backlit display so you can read it in the dark, and alarms that can sound or silently change a button’s color. There is even a handy left-right switch on the bottom to remind breastfeeding moms which side they ended on last. No more safety pins on the bra! Hooray!

The ITZBEEN also has a wonderful nightlight feature that we’ve started using as our middle-of-the-night flashlight for checking on our babies. It’s the perfect amount of light to keep you from tripping over anything, but still not bright enough to wake baby.

With our first kids, as we repeatedly lost our little feeding journals and deliriously stared at our bedside clocks trying to remember where we even were and what we were supposed to be doing, we dreamed of a timer that would make things a little easier. The folks at ITZBEEN delivered our dream timer and more. It even includes little touches like a lock button to prevent an accidental button push from starting a timer over. Some products say they are portable, but you really can throw this in your diaper bag and go!

It’s got an attractive, modern styling. It’s a nice cool blue color, but more colors are coming! It’s nice and compact, just over 3-1/2 inches tall, yet slim. It’s contoured to fit in your hand beautifully, but is still big enough to read easily. It stands on its own like a champ, but also includes a belt clip for portability.

It’s easy to see how the ITZBEEN might save the sanity of a newborn mom, but we also found it useful for all other ages. Great for medication reminders, setting up structure for a potty trainer, even keeping track of TV or computer time logged by an older child. The ITZBEEN is also a great tool for caregivers, grandparents and babysitters since it allows you to set alarms reminding people that don’t live in GaGaLand how often your child needs to be fed, changed and checked on.

The only thing we’d like to see added is a carrying bag to protect the case and buttons from scratches and dust since we do tote it with us everywhere. We expect they’ll come out with one though, as this new company, started by a husband and wife team, seem poised to deliver great future products as well!

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