Friday, June 29, 2007

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Our new partnership with the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation folks is off to a great start. Hip Kid Art has created this lemon tree canvas
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with 100% of our profits going to the foundation.

What is the foundation for, you ask?

In 2000, a 4 year old cancer patient named Alexandra "Alex" Scott announced a seemingly simple idea -she was holding a lemonade stand to raise money to help "her doctors" find a cure for kids with cancer. The idea was put into action by Alex and her older brother, Patrick, when they set up the first "Alex's Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer" on their front lawn in July of 2000.

For the next four years, despite her deteriorating health, Alex held an annual lemonade stand to raise money for childhood cancer research. Following her inspirational example, thousands of lemonade stands and other fundraising events have been held across the country by children, schools, businesses, and organizations, all to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for childhood cancer. On August 1st, 2004, Alex died peacefully at the age of 8 -- she had raised over $1 million for childhood cancer research in her short lifetime.

Alex's spirited determination to raise awareness and money for all childhood cancer while she bravely fought her own deadly battle with cancer has inspired thousands of people, from all walks of life to raise money and give to her cause. Alex's family and supporters are committed to continuing her inspiring legacy through Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, a registered 501c3 charity. As of June 2007, Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation has raised over $12 million for childhood cancer research. The result -- Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation has given millions of dollars for childhood cancer research across the country!

Visit their site HERE

Support them by buying a Lemon Tree Canvas for your Hip Kid!
Available here:

Thursday, June 28, 2007

NEWSFLASH***** new art ******

Hip Kid Art has just release some new designs
You can see them all on the site at

Here are a few:

This one is my favorite::PAPER DOLLS
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Perfect for a summer newborn:: ON THE BEACH
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How about a car or a sailboat for a toddler's playroom (or both!!)
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Or a crown for your princess?
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New art is super.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cool Website

We're always on the hunt for cool new sites and we found one at GENES.
Check out their LOOKBOOK - a mini-fashion spread of Hip Kid's Gear.

This is how they describe themselves:
The truth is, there’s no shortage of cool clothes and hip furnishings for little ones on the market now. And you can find them in plenty of stores and on an ever increasing number of websites and catalogues. What you aren’t seeing is web design that’s aggressive in nature. That brings the art and perspective of your favorite fashion or interiors magazine to the online marketplace. A place where you’ll find unique and fresh content, fun and anecdotal features, interesting photography and cutting edge technology. A place that brings you all the latest in apparel, d├ęcor and design, and then wraps it in an imaginative package.

Go have a look -- CLICK HERE

Friday, June 22, 2007

Coolest Kid Bed

From the cool folks at StyleFiles:

Check out this tree house bed
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This fun tree house bed is made by Life Time, a kids furniture company from Denmark. Their philosophy is that furnishing a child’s room involves more than just picking out a cheerful colour. All their products are made with traditional craftsmanship by skilled carpenters from the Danish furniture factory M. Schack Engel A/S. They use high-quality and durable products, safe materials and a sturdy construction. All Life Time products are fashioned of durable pinewood from controlled forests. The varnishes and stains used for the finish are water-based and environmentally friendly. Check out their website to see all their designs. My favourite is definitely the tree house bed!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sweet Shelving

Check out this neat-o shelving from Tetrad.
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(tetrad) - geometric shape composed of four squares, connected on at least one side

This pack flat shelving system ships to your door and assembles in minutes. With wooden sides and a metal backing, the Tetrad Flat is a modular lightweight unit. Blocks can be attached to one another, to the wall or left free floating for life-sized, living room game play. Choose from a variety of exterior and backing colors.
Shelf Depth: 9"
Each set includes 1 each of 5 shapes

$750 from ModernTots.

Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer Everyone!
Hope you are sprinkler hopping, ice pop licking, strawberry picking and doing all of the fun summer things we all love so much.

HipKid is certainly enjoying the great weather!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fresh Summer Deals

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Check out DailyStroll for lots of great summer bargains!!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I need this
I really really need this for Henry and for Teddy.
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Each spoon is handmade with 6 oz. of 100% pure silver using the Lost Wax Casting technique.

Each spoon can be made with up to 10 letters of your baby's name.
The spoon will arrive in a tarnish-proof pouch.
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks from order date.

$150 from

Did I mention I need that spoon?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mom's First Days...Brillant

As I am getting ready for baby #2 I have most of the big things covered.
Crib -check
Dresser - check
Glider - borrowed
clothes - Henry's old stuff just needs to be washed

What I can't seem to remember is all of the little stuff I will need in those first few weeks when sleep deprivation has caused brain mush.

This cool company called SMART CHOICES has created a product called Mom's First Days Kit

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It contains
-a box of single use panties (because the hospital never sends you home with any and wrecking your good underwear just plain sucks.)
- a box of jumbo pads
-a tube of lanolin for your nipples
-a box of breast soother pads
-a box of disposable nursing pads
---it all comes in a handy little tote and is $50.00

What a fab shower gift!!!

check them out at

Friday, June 08, 2007

Father's Day Goodie

Hi Everyone - wow this has been a crazy week and I know I still owe you the last few cool picks from the ICFF. I wanted to share a quick thought

I was trying to figure out what to get HipKid's Daddy for father's day. He doesn't need any more socks, golf shirts or ties. However he does wear a suit everyday and look what I found...check out these adorable cufflinks!!!!

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I am ordering them with one cufflink with hands that will say HENRY and the other with feet that will say TEDDY (the name of our new kiddo coming in 13 weeks!)

I sent them an email today and they said orders placed before Tuesday the 12th will make it on tie for Father's Day!

And better than that - at checkout use the code HIPKID and save $10.00

Run, don't walk to

Monday, June 04, 2007

More coming...

I have a few more cool things to post about that I saw at the ICFF...look for more this week.
In the meantime -- have you heard about the site INSTRUCTABLES?
You can learn how to cook, craft, make, or build just about anything.
Cool stuff on there for your hip kid like homemade playdough, how to make a sprinkler or a kite or the all important basics of fort building!!

CLICK HERE and then type "kids" into the search box.