Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mom's First Days...Brillant

As I am getting ready for baby #2 I have most of the big things covered.
Crib -check
Dresser - check
Glider - borrowed
clothes - Henry's old stuff just needs to be washed

What I can't seem to remember is all of the little stuff I will need in those first few weeks when sleep deprivation has caused brain mush.

This cool company called SMART CHOICES has created a product called Mom's First Days Kit

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It contains
-a box of single use panties (because the hospital never sends you home with any and wrecking your good underwear just plain sucks.)
- a box of jumbo pads
-a tube of lanolin for your nipples
-a box of breast soother pads
-a box of disposable nursing pads
---it all comes in a handy little tote and is $50.00

What a fab shower gift!!!

check them out at www.smartchoiceswomen.com

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