Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Coupon Crazy

I used to think people who spent hours clipping coupons were crazy - but now I think that it's the people who don't who are nuts!

For instance this week I got
8 free toothbrushes
4 free tubes of Aqua Fresh
4 free boxes of Elecrosol dishwasher tabs
4 free pouches of dry cat food
1 free mascara
Advil Cold& Sinus for .99 (from 6.29)
4 boxes of tampons for $1 a box
..and get this Target paid me .13 to buy a small bottle of Purel Hand Sanitizer.

I saved 41% on my shopping bill at ShopRite.

Who is crazy now?

Want to get your crazy on...head over to THE GROCERY GAME (sign up for a 4 week trial for only $1) and see what the talk is all about. Oh and check out their message boards for tips.

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