Friday, January 26, 2007

Think Spring

Last year our family signed up to participate in a local organic farm.
We heard about it through the grapevine and it was a really great experience.
We purchased an individual share (enought to feed 2 people but we always had extras) and it was about $17 a week. Each week on our designated pick up day I went to the farm with my extra grocery bags in tow and shopped at the farm stand for organic lettuces, beets, green beans, berries etc...whatever was harvested that week we got a share of. Each week there were also "pick you own crops" like snap peas, beans and strawberries and everyweek you could cut your own wildflowers. Pretty abundant for only $17 a week.

There just might be a farm in your area and I urge you to check it our HERE

Henry was too little last year but this summer he will be able to trot through the fields with me and taste those sun warmed strawberries fresh from the field as we pick them together.

A great experience for the whole family!

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