Monday, December 18, 2006

Bib Rant

Lately H has taken to pulling his bib off mid-meal and winding up a food covered mess. It is getting me down. The other bad bib nonsense is the velcro closures. When we do laundry the velcro sticks to our other clothes and has ruined a few pieces of clothing.

New Moms: Don't buy bibs with velcro closures. You'll regret it. Spend the extra time finding bibs that snap.

Wiser Moms: Where can I get bibs with double snaps (you know, baby proof snaps) or bibs that slip over the head?

Help...I'm in bib hell.

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Mindy P. said...

I use wipe off bibs with velcro. Then you don't have to wash them and they are harder to take off. I also have some that tie. My son is a month younger than H and can't figure out how to untie the bibs.