Monday, November 13, 2006

Building Kid Karma

While H is only 10 months old I have to say that I am starting to think about things like:
Will he play well with others?
Will he share well?
Will he do the right thing?
Will he build good karma?
And as I think about these answers I realize that his Daddy and I will have to teach him all of this.

Well, check out these KIDS KARMA CARDS

Kids can have a powerful impact on those around them, and these cards are a great way to get them started affecting positive change each day. They just shuffle the deck, pick a card and, with your help and supervision, follow through for an inspring activity that will bring insight, reflection and a lot of fun, too. From making cards for a faraway family member to becoming a closer friend, the child will have each day enriched by these enjoyable, thoughtful cards. Printed in Canada. Ages 5 and up.

I have a little time with H I guess. But thought some of you with older Hip Kids might wanna check em out over at Uncommon Goods.

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